Come & learn all about Essential Oils and how to incorporate them into your life.
What they are they?
Why do you want to use them?
How do you use them & how do they work?

We will discuss how to naturally address things such as seasonal threats to the body, healthy skin, digestive & respiratory issues, muscle tension & discomfort, stress, sleep, moods, and more.

Each guest will make a 5ml essential oil roller bottle blend AND a 2oz essential oil spray! Choose from multiple blends great for relaxation, energy, focus, happy mood, etc.

Essential oils are for EVERYONE... come & see what they can do for you!

This class will be taught by Heather Wilson, RN & doTERRA Essential Oil Educator.
Workshop $16.

$6 to RSVP, $10 due the night of class. Price includes 2 essential oil products & 1 drink of choice from the bar.

For more information, please visit our facebook event page