Houseplants turn spaces into homes and add natural beauty to any home or office. They can de-stress your home and purify the air. Cover the basic needs of house plants: light, soil, water, nutrients and protection from pests. Find out which plants are best for air purification. Learn about basic propagation techniques, make and take home your very own propagated baby plant. There will be an overview of typical problems and solutions, with attendees encouraged to each bring in one challenged plant for advice on care. Please be sure to wrap your plant in paper or plastic to protect it from the cold. Learn about the variety of choices for houseplants, and best bets for easy care and gift-giving. On behalf of Broadway Gardens, one lucky student will also take home their very own houseplant! Raychell is a horticulturalist, landscaper and farmer on the side. She has been dubbed, “the house plant lady” at Broadway Gardens where she’s worked for 8 years

Workshop is $20 and is limited to 20 people.

Please visit our meetup page to RSVP w/ your deposit and hold your spot.