Upcoming dance practice for those who want to participate in the VDay flashdance as part of One Billion Rising: Portland, Maine. Practices are free and open to whomever wants to take part, regardless of dance experience, or mobility. 

There is a way for everyone to take part, and the practice will be operated as a safer space, asking everyone to be respectful of all participants involved. There will be no tolerance for shaming of any participant for any reason. 

This flashdance will be performed February 14th from 2-3pm, with another potential opportunity later in the day. The song for VDay is "Break the Chain" written and produced by Tena Clark with music by Tena Clark and Tim Heintz, and we are teaching Debbie Allen's choreography "ONE BILLION RISING: SOLIDARITY AGAINST THE EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN! RISE! DISRUPT! CONNECT!"

On Valentine's Day, we intend to rise united in resistance and dance to confront the violence and exploitation that women in our communities face every day.

Exploitation has many faces across a spectrum of class, race, and orientation, and we are not removed from it here in our home state. We intend to come together to give strength and hope to the survivors of this violence, and to put pressure on the systems and individuals who perpetuate it. We intend to spread awareness, understanding, and revolution."

For more details and to RSVP here.