Join us for a powerful and high energy workshop that is designed to help you:

- Learn what it means to live from a place of power
- Uncover which of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors prevent you from being the person you most want to be and living the life you most want to live
- Learn powerful strategies to bring your thoughts, actions, and life to a new level of joy and empowerment
-Design a personalized daily routine to start your day from an inspired and empowered place

This is going to be a fun, lively, and interactive workshop! Be prepared to do some reflection, engage in group discussion, and practice some hands-on, badass techniques to support you in living from a place of power!

Come a little early and get a kombucha or other beverage to support our wonderful local U.F.F!

This workshop is free to the public as part of Portland's "One Billion Rising" campaign to support women's empowerment, (though all genders are welcome). 

Link to event here.