Let's wash down some tasy acorn muffins with our cider! Wait - reverse that. We'll drink cider and learn to process acorns! And eat some acorn muffins! Ideally everyone will leave with a bit of processed flour for future use.

Acorns are an abundant food source for many animals! Humans have been eating acorns for thousands of years. We'll learn how to gather, store, process and ultimately cook and eat acorns. This is a magical thing!

Acorns are actually really tasty and nutritious. They can be used to make a nice porridge for breakfast, and also be used in many bread recipes. Google "dotorimuk!" Maybe we could try to make that? $15 suggested donation - everyone gets a muffin or two and a bit of flour for the future. Would be great to know in advance how many people are coming


See the facebook event here.