Mass surveillance of the public, targeted surveillance of minorities, corporate surveillance of consumers… It seems like there is a lot to be afraid of these days, with every move we make being tracked and documented for future reference. It's clear that our digital communications are simply not secure unless we go out of our way to defend our human right to privacy.
One way to become strong is to arm ourselves with information and skills.

Despite the scary state of the world, there are things we can do to empower ourselves from the surveillance machine: We can embrace cryptography and defend our right to free speech. And what better setting to do that in than to meet other people over komboucha who want to discuss such issues and take action into our own hands?

A CryptoParty is a space to hang out and teach each other practical tools of digital security, such as how to set up email encryption on your computer and how to browse the web anonymously. Don't know much about computers? Don't worry! We will use accessible language and help you along every step of the way. Bring your questions. Bringing a computer isn't mandatory to participate. There is lots more conversation to be had as well. We welcome experts and other curious people who want to have detailed, technical conversations about cryptography, computer science, and technology. A goal of the CryptoParty is that people leave with actively implemented encryption tools on their devices to go start using in the real world.

Topics that will be covered include:

* Threat identification
* How to securely text/call/video chat
* Choosing good passwords and using password managers (+ two-factor authentication).
* Using HTTPS
* Email Encryption (PGP)
* Disk encryption for your devices.
* Using Tor
* Smartphone security

This event is free and open to everyone. Donations will be graciously accepted to help pay for the cost of the space, and anything extra will be donated to support the efforts at Standing Rock. Bar will be open for refreshments, but feel free to bring snacks to share as well.