Kombucha (kom'boo'cha)

Kombucha is a sparkling, probiotic tea. Our authentic kombucha is not adulterated to reduce or increase alcohol content, and registers 1.5% alcohol by volume (ABV); this is a natural result of kombucha’s fermentation process. Many companies are willing to dilute their product in order to sell their booch alongside juices, which is usually how these products taste. We simply reject any process that compromises the flavor, inherent bite, or living culture in our kombucha.

We begin by brewing a batch of organic green and black tea and mixing in organic evaporated cane sugar. Sugar is required for the fermentation process, but this is simply food for the culture’s metabolism. This brew is then added to our heirloom kombucha culture, or SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast). Yeasts immediately begin converting sugars into alcohol and the bacteria, in turn, will convert that alcohol into B vitamins, amino acids and organic enzymes.

While our experimental flavors can only be found in our tasting room, we have bottled some of our most popular flavors: 

Chaga Chai - Wild-foraged chaga mushrooms from Maine are combined with comforting chai tea in this warming staple of our kombucha lineup.

Elderberry -  Maine-grown elderberries are pressed at UFF and added to our house kombucha tea. Available in the Fall and Winter.

Ginger Root - We juice fresh, organic ginger to make a potent booch. It is an excellent addition to cocktails or mixed drinks, and can be found all over New England.

Wild Blueberry - Organic Maine blueberries contribute a fresh, juicy flavor to our kombucha tea to create this truly crushable sensation.

Turmeric - Fresh turmeric is juiced then combined with strong black pepper infusion, making for a spicy, earthy, robust kombucha.

Ghost Chili Pepper - We use fresh and dried ghost chilis to brew this unique booch that packs an awakening heat to stimulate the palate.

Toasted Oak - A concentrated tea of toasted oak chips is added after fermentation to this kombucha, contributing smooth notes of vanilla and oak to this staff favorite.